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Sivas House SivasHaus Sivas in the
2,5 small natural-stone house at the village square. 2 floors, kitchen, livingroom with open fire-place, Sat TV, bedroom. + bathr. 2-3 Washing machine, aircond.. Ideal for couples who want to feel a part of the "real" Crete. Traditional tavernas and the corner. good price!
Natural-stone-houses Natursteinhäuser_Pitsidia Pitsidia, Sivas depends 2+ 6 natural-stone houses, diff. sizes. Each an other style with very high + special equipment.


All stone houses are comfortably furnished. There is something for everyone here. Ideal for couples, groups and families. Cretan-German couple.
Villas  ALEVROTA KalamakiHaus Kamilari


2,5 3 natural stone houses. quiet and fully equipped. Outside: not viewable 600 sqm private garden, pool with Jacuzzi each 2-4 All stone houses are comfortably (Cretan style) furnished. Brand appliances, furnished tastefully (timber) + for demanding individualists.
Cretan-Villas CretanVillas Pitsidia near the village 1,5 4 new houses, (3 are made of natural stone) diff. Size. All with sea views. The large house has a pool and hot tub. each 3-7 All stone houses are comfortably furnished. The location is increased (seawie), 5 minutes walk away in the village with its traditional taverns min.
*All bathrooms are equipped with shower and toilet unless otherwise noted - Click for better viewing!


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