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Design: Samira Nasah City-Time-Grafix® AFM:104924264 Timbaki 70200 Pitsidia/ Crete - Griechenland/ Greece

The copyright for published, of the provider provided objects remains alone with the author of the sides. A duplication or a use of such diagrams, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without express agreement of the author. All picts re from the autor or from First publishing: Mai 2002

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Due to a judgement of the regional court Hamburg of 12.05.98 (joint responsibility for contents from linked sides) we refer to on the following circumstances: As Web master of this side we do not have influence on contents and on the organization of the sides and lower surfaces linked of us and we to make us their contents too not own. We dissociate ourselves hereby expressly of all contents of the sides linked by us!

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