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Aglaia rent a car

Our vehicle fleet consists of new cars and we offer information about the accommodation in the flats of our hotel at the best prices!

We will be very glad to inform you about our offers during the summer season and how to choose the type of car which is going to make your holiday relaxing and safe in the most beautiful island ,Crete!

We provide :

  • No kilometres limitation
  • All taxes are included in the price
  • 24-hour availability
  • Mechanical screening and vehicle care
  • Full insurance cover
  • 24-hour breakdown service
  • Navigator/ GPS (if it is reserved in advance)
  • Car replacement in case of a breakdown
  • Free second- driver addition in the contract
  • Airport-Hotel-Port service
  • Special prices for long rental
  • No extra charge for the delays
  • Free seats for babies and children


The tenant must have a European or an International driving licence which was obtained at least one year ago.

The minimum driver’s age is 21 years old.

The prices are calculated according to the carry-delivery of the vehicle to the same point.(Carry-delivery to different points is also possible).

20% of the aggregate amount is needed as an advance payment for the confirmation of the reservation.

Fines for violation of the highway code are paid by the tenant.


No insurance cover:

Accidents under drug or alcohol abuse, violation of the highway code(violation of stop signs or red lights etc).

Hammering of the bottom part of the car.

Please do not drive on non-bitumenised(asphalting) roads.