Komos Beach

Komos Beach

It is a lengthy stretch - over 2km long and up to 40m wide - of deep golden sand backed by natural dunes and cliffs topped with tamarisk trees. At the southern end is the Komos taverna, a short walk away from the famous archaeological site. The lifeguard is to be found here, near the umbrellas and sunbeds, as well as toilets and a shower. Towards the northern end of the beach the sea bed is rock shelf, but at the taverna end it is sandy. The sand quality is good and the beach is very clean; if you enjoy snorkelling there are many fish to be seen.

The long sandy beach of Komos offers plenty of privacy, even in high season and is one of our favorite place in the area of Heraklion / South Crete. Beside the fantasic beach the main reason for our enthusiasm is the "Bunga Bunga" bar! When you visit the Messara region, do not miss it, it is a great place :)

The owner created a relaxing atmosphere with nice background music, good drinks, a beautiful view from here over the Komos beach and last but not least a variety of tasty snacks such as salads, fish & pasta

From Pitsidia:

The path starts at the local primary school (pink building) west of the main street. On foot: around 20 minutes, by car: 2 minutes (parking spaces available) First you will see the excavation of the docks of the Minoan palace at Festos. The beach is undeveloped - at the southern end there are two small taverns.

From Kalamaki:

Direct accessible Some taverns and cafes, as well as smaller bed & breakfast places allow holiday makers to use their sunbeds and shades for free... and will be happy if you have a bite to eat or drink. The rocks covering the beach make it difficult to get in the water at some points, but they also form small pools in which young children can play. The nudist beach lies between Pitsidia and Kalamaki in a rocky area. Bottom line: The beach is ideal for anyone who enjoys pristine nature, peace and quiet.