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Kouses – fantastic view over the Messara plain

Although Kouses may not be mentioned in any guidebook, it's worth a visit. Maybe that's why. The small mountain village has only 300 inhabitants and is located in the fertile Mesara plain, on the edge of the Asterousia mountains. Traditional stone houses and narrow streets created a picturesque villagescape.
Kouses is just a few kilometers from Sivas, Matala and the Kommos beach. From the church square you have a fantastic view over the Messara plain, the Ida mountains and the sea.


    Botano - the famous herb shop

    In the middle of Kouses is probably the most famous herb shop in Crete. Even as a child, the owner Jannis was fascinated by herbs and their medicinal properties and lives this passion with a full heart. As soon as you enter the shop, you have the feeling that you are entering another world. All shelves are full of tea and herbal mixtures that invite you to sniff in large glasses on old wooden shelves.

    You will find an overwhelming selection of different herbs, herbal mixtures and tea. Both native herbs and herbs from all over the world. The offer is completed by oils, cosmetics and other medicinal essences. The ceiling is full of chili peppers and fresh tea is always available on a small wooden table, which you can enjoy on a small balcony overlooking the famous Messara plain. A visit to the herb shop Botano is a very special, unique experience that you should not miss.

    Crete's first organic Kafenion

    A kafenion is a typical, traditional Greek coffee house. They are usually located on a main street, are very simply furnished and meeting point of the villagers for social exchange. In Kouses, Manolis Fragkioudakis and his wife Sabine from Germany have turned the local kafenion into a small highlight and conjured up the first organic kafenio in Crete.

    In addition to coffee, fruit juices, wine and the island-typical raki are offered there daily fresh appetizers and small meals. Everything made from natural organic ingredients complemented with olive oil from their own organic farm. When you visit Kouses, you should take a small rest there and enjoy the lovely peparded Mezes.

    Kouses and surroundings – worth seeing

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