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Holiday rentals, tips & trips in
Southern Crete

Find your ideal holiday rental
in South Crete

We offer you a varied collection of holiday rentals, including charming villas with pools, secluded vacation homes by the sea, apartments in authentic villages, or romantic getaways for couples. Browse for your ideal holiday home, whether you are traveling with the whole family, as a large group, as a couple or as a single person. 

Do you want help choosing the right place?

We are  living in the Southern Crete, know the region and the accommodation! And we are happy to help you finding your perfect holiday home. 

Dione Villa By The Sea
from 100 € /night
Aristodimos Luxury Appartment
from 250 € /night
Villa Stone Diamond
from 250 € /night
Max. guests:5

Explore the South of Crete

South Crete is famous for its wild natural beauty, exquisite cuisine, and thousands of years of culture and history.

Take a ride on impressive coastal roads, past secluded bays with a view of the turquoise sea, and follow the winding country roads through the barren and lonely mountains along impressive gorges. Enjoy nature, culture, and delicious food – and adapt to the slow pace of the Cretans.

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In our guides, we show you what a holiday in southern Crete has in store for you, and where you can find it and book it. Check all the stunning things that are waiting for you!

Kreta Inside - Hiking Psiloritis, South Crete


More information about the Cretan lifestyle, the local shops, and other things you may want to visit during your holidays in the beautiful South of Crete.


In addition to the incredibly beautiful landscape, it is the people who make Crete so special. That is why we are introducing you to some of their projects here.

It is not only Cretans, but also some foreigners who contribute to the diversity of the region, so here you will find articles about art, culture, animal and environmental protection, as well as alternative tourism.