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A visit at Villa Zeus & Dione’s animal farm and garden

Yesterday we visited Lagolio, a small village at the foot of Psiloritis (Crete’s highest mountain), where time seems to standstill.

Hidden between olive groves, lies the Villa Zeus & Dione, where Michalis had invited us to see his vegetable garden and orchard as well as the small animal farm before we had a good time by the pool with the great view.

The small animal farm 

The small farm is on the way to Villa Zeus & Dione, you can already see the goats and chickens from the road and we look forward to visiting the rabbit hutch because with a little luck you can pet the animals.

Animal farm, Zeus Dione, Lagolio

Michalis build the farm this winter (2021) and already around 10 goats, 4 rabbits and a lot of poultry are living here. The guests of his villa can go with him into the stable to feed the animals and observe them more closely. Milking the goats is a great experience, especially for children and Michalis will of course help you! Each goat gives about 1 liter of milk per day, which Michalis will provide to you in the early morning at the gates of the villa if you wish.

Goats, Zeus Dione, Animal farm, lagolio

As a guest, you are also given a key for the gate so that they can go to the chicken coop on their own tomorrow to see if and how many fresh eggs there are. All you have to do is pull out a small drawer and the eggs will be in there.
Perfect for a delicious and healthy breakfast!

Chicken, Zeus Dione, Lagolio

Chicken House, lagolio

Fresh Eggs, Bio, Zeus Dione, lagolio


The garden at Villa Zeus & Dione / Lagolio

After a short walk of 5 minutes, we already reach the impressive Villa Zeus & Dione, which is sealed off by a large gate and thus guarantees private property.
When you enter the plot, the first thing you notice is the amazing view over the Messara, the blue sea, and the offshore islands of Paximadia and Gavdos.

Villa ZeusDione, Lagolio

Villa Zeus Dione, Lagolio, Privacy

Chess ZeusDione, Lagolio

There are many things to discover on the huge area, such as a big chess game, the vegetable garden, wine and many fruit trees, figs etc …
Michalis shows us what is growing where and together we harvest delicious leafy salads for our lunch and herbs such as Diktamus, Kritmos, oregano, mint, rosemary, and many more.
After the excursus, it is time to relax in the saltwater pool and cool off, before we have lunch together at the large table in the shade.

Kritamos, ZeusDione

Garden, Bio, ZeusDione



Conclusion: Michalis has created a wonderful place here, the stone house with an annex is big enough for 6-8 people and ideal for families.
All of this is rounded off by the many things that can be harvested in the garden and the small animal farm with fresh eggs and goat’s milk. The view is phenomenal and the children can be as loud as they want – there are no neighbors far and wide who could be bothered by that!

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