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The whole year-round you will find guided tours, day trips, and outdoor activities in Crete.

Adventure, hospitality, pure untouched areas and unique views are just some of our basic characteristics of the island and our partners in order to create a memorable day for you. Through the outdoor activities, we would like to promote the Cretan culture, the history, the values, the traditions, and visit pure-untouched areas far away from mass tourism to everybody interested in.

Discover the Real Crete from the sea up to the mountains and follow the local lifestyle. Cycling, hiking, Jeep tours, and many other activities will introduce you to the real Cretan way of life. Taste local products, understand our culture and realize the strategic position and self-efficiency that this island offers. We work whole year-round. Scheduled tours are offered daily where the guests can choose from any of the tour options. All of our tours are conducted by professionals well-trained guides.

Cretan hospitality, love, passion, and kindness will create a memorable day. Being inspired by the island of Crete, they continually try to create new ways to advance the island’s sustainability, to turn our principles into actions and to sensitize about local ecology.

  • Birdwatching

    Crete has a fantastic variety of birds, not only its resident bird species which are numerous and include rare and endangered birds but also the migrants who stop over on Crete during their migrations
  • Guided tours - OurDoor Travel

    Since long time Crete has a name as a hiking island. Take part in one of our accompanied excursions! 
  • Join the Olive Harvest

    Take part in Crete’s olive harvest and enjoy a local cultural tradition that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, going back to ancient Greece.
  • Kamares Cave

    The cave of Kamares, also called Kamaraiko, is located at the southern foot of Psiloritis on the slopes of Mount Soros, at an altitude of 1700m and northeast of the village of Kamares.
  • Kofinas

    It is a short, but very steep ascent, it will take you about 20 minute to the Timios Stavros, the highest point (1231 m). Once you are on the top feelings will overwhelm you - the endless view of the
  • Koudoumas monastery

    Koudoumas monastery is located at the exit of Katarraktis gorge in Asterousia Mountains and is one of the most secluded monasteries of Crete.
  • Mare Sud Diving Center

    Diving along Crete’s south coast is diving in crystal clear water, with its many shades of blue and a visibility of over 30 meters!
  • Matala Bicyles

    Thinking of cycling on Crete, especially here in the south, occur to me first one of these things: the light - so bright, so much sun - the colors - strong, clear, blue - the air - so clean, it goes d
  • Platania Gorge

    The trail “Gorge of Platania” offers a unique experience for the excursionist as it combines the wildness of the Cretan mountains with the rich flora and fauna of the island.
  • Pomegranates - the fruit of late summer

    If you are in Crete in October, you are lucky enough to experience the harvest time of one of the most delicious fruits.
  • Rouvas Gorgo

    The Rouvas forest is home to many of the typical Cretan flora trees such as maple, cypress, pine, sycamore, pear, which together with the bushes, ground cover, but also the wildlife on about 30,000 he
  • Walk to Mother Olive Tree

    This impressive old olive tree is nestled in a beautiful landscape, in the hills of the Messara plain, near the village of Kamilari.