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The beach Agiofarago is really a natural beauty, with its with fine pebbles crystal clear waters.

The beach of Agiofarango is loacted in the Asterousia Mountains, the gorge is right under the Odigitrias Monastery. At the exit of the Agiofarago gorge opens the beach with fine pebbles and clear waters, which are usually very calm, even on days with a lot of wind in the Messara plane.

The crescent shaped beach is framed by vertical cliffs, on where you will see some goat, birds and new nowadays hobby climbers, who visit the gorge more frequently because of the amazing rock formations.

The sea with crystal clear water, with its many shades of blue and a visibility of over 30 meters is perfect snorkeling and diving, but also just to relax in the sun and let yourself be enchanted by the light sound of the sea.   

The beach does not offer much shadow, so it will be good to take some unbrellas or other sun shelters with you and also don't forget to pack you pick nick.  There is a well with fresh water beside the church of Agios Antonios, which you pass before the beach, but there no tavern or shops at the beach. Since 2018 there is a small Kantina at the last parking, before you start you walk.  Walk?

Yes, to reach the beach of Agiofarango, you will have to pass the gorgo first, which in an easy path of about 20min without any elevation or difficulties. Perfect even for families with young children.

The only difficulty is to reach the parking, since the way from the monastery down to the parking is, depening on the car, a little off road adventure. To get to Agiofarago you drive from the monastery first about 2 km a gravel road. Then you will come to a place where you have to drive down an even worse road. If you do not have an off-road vehicle, parking here is certainly a good decision.

For hikers: it is nice to walk all the way down from the Monastery Odigitrias through the gorge of Agiofarango to the beach  

For divers:  Agiofarango offers a is a very unique dive though a chanal from the open sea up to a small fresh water lake in the surrounding cliffs. For more information please contact the Mare Sud diving center in Kokkinos Pirgos

For campers: In the summer month you will see some people camping here, it is not an official camping place, but it is but it is tolerated and one of the best places see the stars in night and get woken up by the soft sounds of sea. Just take good care of your food, there are several hungry goats and sheeps around ;)