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Agrotourism is a touristic offer in rural areas, which includes stays on or near an agricultural enterprise. The basic idea is the proximity to the host family, which gives the holidaymaker personal contact and insight into everyday life in the country.

The return to nature through alternative tourism is a unique experience that is generating increasing interest among visitors to Crete. Here you have the opportunity to get in touch with the traditional life of the island by participating in one of the many offers of local farmers.
They offer seminars for traditional cooking, baking, kneading bread and collecting wild greens, herbs, mushrooms, snails and truffles.
You can also take part in olive harvesting & production, raki distillation, grape harvesting, honey production, vegetable growing, milk and dairy collection, domestic animal breeding, sheep shearing, etc.

  • Join the Olive Harvest

    Take part in Crete’s olive harvest and enjoy a local cultural tradition that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, going back to ancient Greece.
  • Vine harvest in Crete

    If you visit Crete in September, the white, red, and pink juicy grapes will definitely grab your attention and maybe you would like to learn more about the local viticulture or be there at the harvest
  • What is the Cretan Diat?

    In Crete, researchers have identified a healthy way of eating that is now known as the Mediterranean diet. A closer look at the Cretan diet reveals a combination that contains little meat, no sugar,