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Alternative Tourism

Alternative tourism Crete

Listen to the sounds of nature, learn about the traditional way of life of the farmers and the preparation of Cretan cuisine, or explore the mountains and plains of the island. The lights and colors of Crete are incomparable in all seasons, the unique endemic plants, the secrets of the Cretan diet and the magic of culture let you immerse yourself in the soul of life in Crete.
Alternative tourism aims to make everyone feel at home by familiarizing them with local values, landscapes, food, songs, dances, painting, and sidewalks. Creativity combines with vacation.
Alternative tourism is for those who are looking for a new vacation style that includes protecting local culture, protecting the natural environment, and avoiding organized mass tourism services.


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  • Birdwatching

    Crete has a fantastic variety of birds, not only its resident bird species which are numerous and include rare and endangered birds but also the migrants who stop over on Crete during their migrations
  • Join the Olive Harvest

    Take part in Crete’s olive harvest and enjoy a local cultural tradition that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, going back to ancient Greece.
  • Kritamos - Sea fennel

    Kritamos (Rock samphire or sea fennel ) is linked to Ancient Greece in many ways, in the myths surrounding Prometheus, as well as in Hippocratic medicine.
  • Pomegranates - the fruit of late summer

    If you are in Crete in October, you are lucky enough to experience the harvest time of one of the most delicious fruits.
  • Stinging nettle - a healthy power pack

    Nettle tea, made from dried nettle leaves, is perhaps best known for its high mineral content.
  • The Mediterranean Cypress

    Cypress is a very ancient species, of an exceptional longevity. It is the symbol of immortality, serenity , stability and faith.
  • Vine harvest in Crete

    If you visit Crete in September, the white, red, and pink juicy grapes will definitely grab your attention and maybe you would like to learn more about the local viticulture or be there at the harvest
  • What is the Cretan Diat?

    In Crete, researchers have identified a healthy way of eating that is now known as the Mediterranean diet. A closer look at the Cretan diet reveals a combination that contains little meat, no sugar,
  • Wild fennel

    From a very early age, the Greeks began to use fennel in the kitchen, but it also has its roots in mythology. 
  • Wild Herbs of Crete

    Crete's flora is at its best in Spring, after the rain of the early season when all is green and hundreds of flowers, plants and herbs start to blossom.