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Art & Holiday: Sculpture courses on Crete

If you want to try something special on your next holiday in Crete and take home a unique souvenir, then stop by Sabine Rassow in Lagolio.

As a stone sculptor, she mainly works with marble and alabaster. She mainly creates her sculptures by hand, the forms are sensual, and harmonious and radiate a lot of power. Of course, you can buy sculptures from her or have them made, but how about creating a small work of art yourself?

In the small village of Lagolio in the south of Crete, she offers holiday workshops in front of a magnificent scenic backdrop for everyone who wants to spend their holiday creatively.

The stone carving course by Sabine Rassow (freelance sculptor) is really something special. We booked a 3-day course and actually managed to carve a small bowl out of a block of marble.

On the first day, Sabine welcomed us in the courtyard of her house in Lagolio, gave us a short briefing, and then started selecting the right block of marble for each of us. She had the marble delivered from Italy, which reminds us of the Renaissance sculptor schools.

Under Sabine’s guidance we collect our tooSculpture courses on Cretels and off we go to the stone carving. Soft to medium-hard rocks such as alabaster, marble, and limestone are ideal for working with a chisel and mallet. It was a bit unfamiliar at first, but once we learned the technique a bit, it was really fun. The highlight is not to use any force, but simply to let the mallet fall out onto the chisel on your arm.

On the first day we completely freed the marble from the outer layer, cleaned it, and then cleaned it with the hollow of the bowl. In the afternoon our arms were tired, but the result was impressive. On the second day, the hollow was deepened and then we worked on the parts of the marble with different types of sandpaper and water until on the third day our bowls were ready.

Yes, it’s exhausting, but it’s great!
Definitely a great experience and the bowl was a nice memory.

Lagolio is located in southern Crete near the famous Komos beach. Historical sites such as Gortyn and Phaistos are in the immediate vicinity and invite you to visit them. The courses take place on a large terrace of a traditional Cretan stone house. The mountain panorama, the wide view of the Messara plain, and the sea are just as inspiring as the mild climate and the Mediterranean herbs. Embark on an interesting journey of the senses in front of a magnificent panorama. Working with marble and alabaster is also an encounter with oneself.

Stone carving is an encounter with oneself. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, the artistic exploration of stone is something very special. Small groups ensure intensive instruction. Material: alabaster, marble from Italy, Greece, Crete

1 week: €380, 2 weeks: €570, 3 weeks: €750, 4 weeks: €900
incl. use of tools, stones (max. 20kg).
Not included: Arrival, accommodation, meals, transport of the stone to Germany, airport transfers (70 €)
5% discount on the course fee for returnees
10% early bird discount if the course fee is transferred by February 28th, 2022
Discounts can be combined!

Sabine Rassow

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