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Bird watching

Crete has a fantastic variety of birds, not only its resident bird species which are numerous and include rare and endangered birds but also the migrants who stop over on Crete during their migrations to and from Africa and Europe. 

The diversity of habitats and the richness of the environment on Crete for bird-life, results in an impressive species list and many unexpected surprises, especially during Spring and Autumn migrations. It is well worth coming on holidays in Crete to see these beautiful birds.
The range of habitats includes: mountains and their foothills; gorges; scrubland; the marine environment; coastal strip and cliffs; estuaries; freshwater lakes both natural and artificial; streams and seasonal rivers. 
Water is a very important consideration for all birds. During the Winter and Spring there are many rivers and torrents from Winter rainfall and the Spring melting of the snow from the mountains. Most rivers and torrents are dry by the end of May. 

Birdwatching on Crete will take you into some of its most beautiful, isolated and unpopulated areas like Mt. Psiloritis, Lake Zaros, Lake Faneromeni, Kokkinos Pirgos, Afrathias & the Asterousia Mountains.   

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