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Horseback riding on the beach
A unique experience for nature, beach and horse lovers! Horseback riding excursions on the beautiful coast of southern Crete. Cantering on the back of a horse along the beach is unique, whether [...]
Jul 27, 2022 Category: Activities 0 Comments
Kalamaki is a small seaside village with a beautiful sandy beach well organized with umbrellas, sun loungers, taverns, cafes and playgrounds. The beach is very popular with families with small [...]
Jul 20, 2022 Category: Villages of South Crete 0 Comments
The family run TAVERNA PELAGOS is one of my favorites in Kalamaki. Here you will experience the warm hospitality of Maria & Manousos and the whole team, which is so typical for Crete and [...]
Jul 19, 2022 Category: Taverns & Restaurants 0 Comments
Mia Olia – Cocktails & Brunch
Nightlife in Kamilari – “Mia Olia” Chilled out cocktail bar with a friendly vibe, great people-watching, and superb drinks. Until last year, evening visitors only came to Kamilari for the very [...]
Jul 05, 2022 Category: Beachbar & bar, Lifestyle 0 Comments
Deeply relaxed on holiday with a variety of massages
Even if going on holiday in the south of Crete is already relaxing anyway, you can certainly increase it a bit with a massage. And you don’t necessarily have to go to the next town for [...]
Jun 18, 2022 Category: Body & Soul, Lifestyle 0 Comments
Agia Fotini – Fish taverna and more
Located in a tiny secluded cove and literally on the water, you can enjoy superb meals of freshly caught fish cooked to perfection, accompanied by a carafe of local wine. More and more [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Taverns & Restaurants 0 Comments
Outdoor Travel Matala
A small travel agency specializing in regional hiking excursions in Matala, southern Crete, offering adventures in the rugged mountains of Mount Psiloritis, in the coastal regions beyond the [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Excursions, Guided Tours 0 Comments
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
This place is a safe haven for old and/or unwanted donkeys and it was great to see that the donkeys can spend the rest of their lives in peace instead of having to deal with crowds of noisy [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Alternative tourism, Animal charity 0 Comments
Ecotourism – experience southern Crete in a different way
Terms such as gentle tourism, eco-tourism, nature tourism, or intelligent tourism are playing an increasingly important role in travel planning. At the latest since climate protection has been [...]
Mar 09, 2022 Category: Tips & Trips 0 Comments
A visit at Villa Zeus&Dione’s animal farm and garden
Yesterday we visited Lagolio, a small village at the foot of Psiloritis (Crete’s highest mountain), where time seems to standstill. Hidden between olive groves, lies the Villa Zeus & [...]
May 27, 2021 Category: Lifestyle 0 Comments
Where can you have a good breakfast?
Until a few years ago, it was not so easy to find a cafe in the central south of Crete that served delicious breakfast. The Cretans don’t actually eat breakfast, at least not as most [...]
May 12, 2021 Category: Lifestyle 0 Comments
South Crete Ride – luxury boat trips
Boat tours on the south coast of Crete are one of the highlights that our region offers you. The view from the boat opens up a completely new and fascinating view of the island. You can see the [...]
May 07, 2021 Category: Guided Tours 0 Comments
Kamihis Farm – be a farmer for a day!
Velina & Michalis have created a special place where adults and children feel at home thanks to the open and friendly nature of the hosts.If you want to learn more about the Cretan culture, [...]
May 06, 2021 Category: Activities, Alternative tourism 0 Comments
Happy Day Events
Let us at Happy Days Events go that extra mile to make your special day the best it can be making beautiful memories. Whether weddings on the beach, birthday parties with the whole family, or any [...]
Apr 21, 2021 Category: Catering & Event planner 0 Comments
MoozArt – Unique Art Wood
If you are looking for unique furniture, handmade decor elements, or small souvenirs, MoozArt is the right place! In this wood workshop, Vasilis Siozios & Katerina Apostolaki create [...]
Apr 21, 2021 Category: Shops 0 Comments
Suzanne and her delicious picnics at unique places
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Apr 09, 2021 Category: Catering & Event planner 0 Comments
South Crete Safari Tours
Have you always dreamed of a jeep safari in Crete? And by that, I don’t mean the boring tours that are organized from the north of the island, but REALLY off-road tours.The South Crete [...]
Apr 03, 2021 Category: Guided Tours 0 Comments
Kamilari – charming and traditional
A charming village with traditional stone houses and many gardens with colorful flowers, which is located on a hill surrounding olive groves and offers a breathtaking sea view. The name of the [...]
Mar 19, 2021 Category: Villages of South Crete 0 Comments
Greece will Welcome Travelers with Negative Covid-19 Test or Vaccination Certificate
There are currently a number of measures in place in Greece to limit the spread of Covid-19, including moving citizens and visitors, and opening shops and services across the country. We all keep [...]
Mar 02, 2021 Category: Crete travel news 0 Comments
The Villages of the Messara plain
The Messara plain offers olive groves, beautiful beaches, archeology, and a life off the beaten track. The central south something for explorers and individualists who want to experience mountain [...]
Feb 20, 2021 Category: Tips & Trips 0 Comments