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Why holidays in South Crete are the Best
Holidays in the south of Crete means first and foremost relaxation! Here everything goes “Siga Siga”, the rhythm of life beats a little slower here than in the north of the island. [...]
Jan 09, 2023 Category: Guides 0 Comments
Mad Irie Matala
In just a few years the MAD IRIE has developed into the best place in Matala – Michelle and David are amazing hosts, cooks, and creators in many ways. If you want to have a great time and [...]
Jan 05, 2023 Category: Cafés & bars 0 Comments
SIVAS is a small picturesque village and its few inhabitants are engaged in agriculture. Life revolves around the square with cafes and taverns where you can enjoy the company of locals and are [...]
Jan 03, 2023 Category: Villages of South Crete 0 Comments
Taverns & cafes – open during winter time!
The wintertime in Southern Crete has started, even if it doesn’t feel like it yet! And each year we have the same question: where to go for coffee or dinner during the winter month. The [...]
Dec 20, 2022 Category: featured post, Lifestyle 0 Comments
Horseback riding on the beach
A unique experience for nature, beach and horse lovers! Horseback riding excursions on the beautiful coast of southern Crete. Cantering on the back of a horse along the beach is unique, whether [...]
Jul 27, 2022 Category: Other Outdoor activities 0 Comments
Kalamaki is a small seaside village with a beautiful sandy beach well organized with umbrellas, sun loungers, taverns, cafes and playgrounds. The beach is very popular with families with small [...]
Jul 20, 2022 Category: Villages of South Crete 0 Comments
The family run TAVERNA PELAGOS is one of my favorites in Kalamaki. Here you will experience the warm hospitality of Maria & Manousos and the whole team, which is so typical for Crete and [...]
Jul 19, 2022 Category: Taverns & Restaurants 0 Comments
Mia Olia – Cocktails & Brunch
Nightlife in Kamilari – “Mia Olia” Chilled out cocktail bar with a friendly vibe, great people-watching, and superb drinks. Until last year, evening visitors only came to Kamilari for the very [...]
Jul 05, 2022 Category: Cafés & bars, Lifestyle 0 Comments
Deeply relaxed on holiday with a variety of massages
Even if going on holiday in the south of Crete is already relaxing anyway, you can certainly increase it a bit with a massage. And you don’t necessarily have to go to the next town for [...]
Jun 18, 2022 Category: Coures & Seminars, Well-being 0 Comments
Agia Fotini – Fish taverna and more
Located in a tiny secluded cove and literally on the water, you can enjoy superb meals of freshly caught fish cooked to perfection, accompanied by a carafe of local wine. More and more [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Taverns & Restaurants 0 Comments
Outdoor Travel Matala
A small travel agency specializing in regional hiking excursions in Matala, southern Crete, offering adventures in the rugged mountains of Mount Psiloritis, in the coastal regions beyond the [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Guided Tours 0 Comments
Agia Marina Donkey Rescue
This place is a safe haven for old and/or unwanted donkeys and it was great to see that the donkeys can spend the rest of their lives in peace instead of having to deal with crowds of noisy [...]
Mar 10, 2022 Category: Animal charity 0 Comments