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Cafés & bars

  • Bunga Bunga

    The owner created a relaxing atmosphere with nice background music, good drinks, a beautiful view from here over the Komos beach and last but not least a variety of tasty snacks such as salads, fish &
  • Hakuna Matata

    The perfect place over the sea to enjoy your life with some great food,some fantastic cocktails and a crazy staff to make everything for you to enjoy your stay!
  • Karibu beach bar

    There are many different authentic little things to see. It's the feeling of absolute peace - with hammocks and home-made furniture. The chill-out ambience is like a beach bar in the tropics!
  • Mousiko Kafenio

    The Mousiko Kafenio, or Music Cafe is location at the center square of Matala and is one of our favorites in the village.
  • Onira - Traumfabrik

    A very special place in Pitsidia is the Onira - Traumfabrik. Delicious salads, a big range of breakfast offers, fresh cakes much more.