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Explore South Crete

To me, Crete is exceptional in many ways – it is the largest Greek island, has the most diverse mix of landscapes, and has its own unmistakable culture and atmosphere.

The south part of the island is for sure one of the most amazing and pure areas of Crete. The wild vegetation, breathtaking views of the Psiloritis Mountain, secluded bays, crystal clear waters, and long sandy beaches are just a few of the memories you will collect during your holidays.

Here you can read about the archaeological sites, the wonderful beaches, and secluded coves, the villages of the Messara plain, the Asterousia mountain range, and the southern mountain region of Psiloritis, the highest mountain of the island of Crete.

Village of the Messara, South Crete
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The Villages of the Messara plain

The Messara plane offers olive groves, beautiful beaches, archeology, and a life off the beaten track. The central south something for explorers and individualists who

Kokkinos Pirgos, South Crete
Beaches & bays

Kokkinos Pirgos Beaches

Kokkinos Pirgos has one of the best part of the bay – shallow water and  a sandy  beach attack families as well as surfers.  The

Name Day Antonios

According to the Orthodox Church, every day of the year has been dedicated to the memory of a Saint or a martyr from the Holy

Botano, Kouses Crete
Herbs and teas

Botano – herbs and teas

While on your way to some of Crete’s most touristic destinations, Matala or Phaistos, it is well worth to make a small detour and visit

Mediterranean Cypress
Explore South Crete

The Mediterranean Cypress

The Mediterranean Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) is a coniferous evergreen tree probably originating from Syria or Persia. It grows over a wide natural range in diverse

stinging nettles
Explore South Crete

Stinging nettle – a healthy power pack

The stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) may deter with its nettles, but it is one of the oldest medicinal plant. Stinging nettle has been important in herbal

Panagiá in Mártsalos

The cave church of Panagiá is located at the entrance of the 2km long canyon Martsalos and can only be reached on foot. The gorge

Kritamos, Crete fea fennel
Explore South Crete

Kritamos – Sea fennel

Kritamos (Rock Samphire) is linked to Ancient Greece in many ways, in the myths surrounding Prometheus, as well as in Hippocratic medicine. It is also known in Britain and has been mentioned

Matala Street Painting

Among the many artistic interests that the Matala Beach Festival organizes , Matala street painting is among the most popular among the public . The Matala streets

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