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Villages of South Crete

Explore South Crete

The villages of fertile Messara plain and the surrounding hills harmoniously integrate into the landscape of olive & fruit tree groves.

They combine perfectly the traditional Cretan way of life, the genuine hospitality, and the warm heart of its inhabitants with holidays on the beach and trips to lots of nearby attractions. I have listed just the bigger ones, there are many more to visit …

Kamilari – charming and traditional

A charming village with traditional stone houses and many gardens with colorful flowers, which is located on a hill surrounding olive groves and offers

Kamares & Voriza

The mountain villages Kamares & Voriza are located below the wooded slopes of Psiloritis, in the middle of the wonderful landscape of Ida Mountains.

Zaros, a mountain village with traditions

The area of ​​Zaros lies in a unique environment of dense vegetation, water, picturesque nature trails on the mountains, gorges, river banks and springs.But


Matala – facts and figures Matala is located in southern Crete, right on the Lybian Sea. In the background you can see the Ida

Pitsidia – between green hills and the Libyan Sea

Pitsidia is one of the oldest villages in the Messara plain and with its typical narrow streets, stone houses, and a small market square

Kokkinos Pirgos

Visit the seaside village with its long promenade and shallow waters