A Taste of Crete

If you’re passionate about experiencing the true heritage and culture of a country, then you simply must take the time to taste traditional Cretan food and drink. Food in Crete is simple yet extremely special and tastes incredible too.

Traditional Cretan food has always been prepared from local ingredients, raw or prepared as simply as possible – grilled or baked. Since ancient times, Cretan cuisine has been based on several basic elements: olive oil, herbs, fish and seafood, goat or lamb meat, vegetables, and fruits grown on the island. Later, Venetian and Ottoman influences were added to them, which created a special cuisine. Crete has many dishes that are found everywhere in the mainland of Greece, but also some specific only to this area. Today, the traditional Cretan diet is considered one of the healthiest in the world, so you can’t leave without eating in Cretan taverns.

Pelagos, kalamaki Beach
The family run TAVERNA PELAGOS is one of my favorites in Kalamaki. Here you will experience the warm hospitality of Maria & Manousos and