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Cretan wine, harvest & production

Cretan wine. In the Minoan era, it was stored in clay pots and ended in lavish feasts of nobles and kings. Then the wine was poured into the barrels of the Venetian and Ottoman cellars. The roots of the winegrowers in Crete are as deep as those of their vines, as they have been producing authentic Cretan varieties (Romeiko, Vidiano, Kotsifali, Pluto, Mantilari, Vilana, Dafni, Liatiko, Muscat from Spina and others) for centuries that nothing in Central Europe and could desire the rest of the world.

In terms of its great history, it is now protected as a mission of our ancestors, who passed on winemaking with love and deed to the next generations. It thrives and is offered as the nectar of the Olympic gods.

Get to know and try Cretan wines that fill your palate with an unforgettable taste and highlight the best memories of our beautiful island.

Discover the hidden treasures of the Cretan interior, try authentic Cretan products, meet the locals in traditional villages, accept their hospitality and warm hearts, taste the culinary habits and enjoy an authentic way of life.

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  • Vine harvest in Crete

    If you visit Crete in September, the white, red, and pink juicy grapes will definitely grab your attention and maybe you would like to learn more about the local viticulture or be there at the harvest