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Cretelia Vol 2

After the successful premiere of Cretelia 2019 with completely amazed participants, we are starting the 2nd Cretelia September 2020.

Cretelia is a musical and recreational event, limited to 150 tickets  - a unique journey, organized especially for you. We offer a balanced mix of relaxation, regeneration, physical activity, and delicious Cretan meals, in combination with lots of music (DJs and Live) which will either help you relax or create excellent parties in exceptional locations.

We will take you through the beautiful south of the island of Crete, which is very authentic, wild and charming. We offer you great insider tips, the best restaurants, the most beautiful beaches, and extraordinary day trips. Every day is full of beautiful surprises - celebrate with us through the Cretan night, enjoy great drinks on the beach. Feasting, relaxing, snorkeling or yoga by the sea - in a colorful mix of people who appreciate good music like you.

Cretelia 2020 is a specially organized form of travel that meets your needs for parties, relaxation, sporting activities, and fantastic Cretan food. Every day, Cretelia guarantees the right musical background with DJs and musicians who will either help you relax or host unusual parties in extraordinary places.

We are on-site with our team, coordinate all events and are available to you at any time. You can book suitable accommodations for singles, couples or groups directly through Kreta-Inside.com (Heike Windsberger), who will also be happy to help you with the selection - it offers holiday homes, villas, and apartments for travelers to Crete.