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Botano – Kräuter und Tees

While visiting Matala or the Palace of Phaistos it is well worth making a small detour to the picturesque village of Listaros and the herbal shop ‘Botano’.

It might seem strange that someone would choose this little village to open a specialized herbal shop but the owner doesn’t think so. Away from the ideals of commercialism and ever-expanding businesses, ‚Botano‘ follows a different philosophy of life and work. The owners had rejected the hectic rhythms of modern life when they first decided to move here from northern Greece.
They believe in nature, organic, biodynamic, and environmentally friendly farming and offer cautiously selected, high-quality herbs and herbal products – not only from Crete but also from around the world- including their own production of biodynamic herbs. Plus, the views to the wider region are striking and the calming atmosphere of the village offers an ideal break from the summer heat and crowds.

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