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Deeply relaxed on holiday with a variety of massages

Even if going on holiday in the south of Crete is already relaxing anyway, you can certainly increase it a bit with a massage. And you don’t necessarily have to go to the next town for that, because most providers will come directly to you in your holiday accommodation.

I didn’t miss the opportunity to test it and I’m thrilled with both the variety and the quality. Particularly I liked Shanto’s Ayurveda massages and Maria’s facial massage, both great women who understand and love their craft! You can tell that as soon as you make contact and I felt like I was in good hands right away.

Shanto lives in Alithini in a restored stone house, where she also has her massage room. Already preheated by the stove in spring and autumn and wonderfully cool in summer thanks to the thick stone walls, the room invites you to relax, which is underlined by soft music.
After a preliminary talk in which Shanto informed me about my state of health and explained a few things about the massage technique, the 1.5-hour Ayurveda full-body massage begins.

Shanto massage

But what is an Ayurvedic massage anyway?

Ayurveda is the more than 5000 year old, written form of medicine in India, which is mainly concerned with maintaining the harmony of body, mind and soul. Ayurveda means: “the knowledge of healthy living”. Ayurveda tries to heal people in a holistic sense.

The focus and goal of Ayurvedic treatment is to activate the body’s self-healing powers. An Ayurvedic massage is used to detoxify the body and nourishes the skin and body from head to toe.
What sets it apart from other massages is that it focuses on the skin and not just the underlying muscles – from the oils used to the circulation-enhancing movements, it’s more of a full-body facial massage. If you are looking for a massage where you will be walked through, then Ayurveda is not the right one.

Ayurveda serves to prevent and maintain lasting health into old age. It detoxifies and cleanses the body and is helpful for recovery and recovery from acute and chronic illnesses. Results of regular Ayurveda treatment can be: clear eyes, clear skin, a strengthened nervous system and a rejuvenated appearance.

What are the benefits of an Ayurveda oil massages?

  • the skin becomes smooth, supple and resistant
  • the tissue is strengthened, the muscles relaxed
  • sleep improves
  • Fatigue and stress are eliminated
  • the lymph flow increased, waste products excreted (detoxification)
  • Relaxed body, mind and soul


Shanto: +30 6939185537 (de, en, gr)

Facial massage, cleansing and beauty treatments

When I met Maria for the first time, I immediately had a good feeling because she is very personable and totally professional!
We meet in a holiday home, where she sets up her lounger and presents me with her creams and oils, some of which she has created herself. I have a choice of all-natural products, clinically tested, and a mix of both. After checking my complexion, Maria advised which products would work best for me and began a gentle but deep cleansing of my face.
For cleaning, Maria uses, among other things, an ultrasonic device, which stimulates the cell metabolism and self-healing processes in the tissue, which in turn leads to an anti-aging effect. Then follows the facial massage and after  the relaxing mask, which she mixes herself on site from ingredients such as honey, and carob flour.
My face glowed brightly after use and it stayed that way for many days. I am so happy with the result!!

Maria Face massge

Benefits of a facial treatment

  • One of the main benefits of facial massage is its ability to improve the overall appearance of skin.
  • Facial massage may be just the ticket if you want bright, glowing skin.
  • The ultrasonic vibrations ensure a gentle peeling effect and remove dead skin cells that form a gray veil on the skin’s surface.

Regular massages and gentle pressure on different areas of the face have positive effects on the lymphatic system, help to heal and prevent inflammation through improved blood circulation and even reduce swelling.


Maria +30 6977808987 (gr, en) / fb: GO beautiful in Matala

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