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Ecotourism – experience southern Crete in a different way

Terms such as gentle tourism, eco-tourism, nature tourism, or intelligent tourism are playing an increasingly important role in travel planning.

At the latest since climate protection has been present everywhere, eco-tourism has become increasingly important for many holidaymakers, which has led to the development of more and more travel offers around the nature and culture of Crete in recent years.
Devoted to promoting the unique beauty, some groups have created innovative eco-tourism programs in the area while working with locals engaged in livestock and agriculture.

Eco holidays in the region of southern Crete offer visitors the opportunity to reconnect with nature and rural community life.

Visiting the lesser-known parts of Crete, where daily life is less stressful, can reveal new or forgotten aspects of life and be. The Cretan people, particularly the mountain shepherds, offer an opportunity for a true multi-sensory experiential encounter, allowing visitors to reconnect with a sense of humanity and the earth.

It is a perfect opportunity to escape from the buzz of the city and to rediscover yourself in an authentic and natural environment.

Ecotourism can make a valuable contribution to raising awareness of the ecological problems of our planet and gives every traveler the opportunity to get back in touch with nature and maybe even in harmony with it and with oneself. 

Alternative, sustainable or ecological tourism essentially focuses on these 3 points:

  • – respect and protect nature
  • – feel the environment intensively and originally
  • – actively experience the culture of the country

Visit the mountain village of Magarikari and learn more about winegrowing from Kostas and Antonis, go hiking in the foothills of Psiloritis and stop at a small tavern in Lagolio, be a farmer for a day on the Kamilhi Farm near Zaros or learn everything about growing vegetables and the Cretan Vibes from Marianna.

Drive up to the shepherds on Mount Psiloritis with their sheep and goats, enjoy the fresh and pure climate of the mountains, explore the Psilorites and the highest mountain spring, crawl into a Mitato where the cheese is aged and stored, watch the breathtaking Fauna and flora of the mountains… and then taste the shepherd’s cuisine, tsikoudia, cheese and wines in a shepherd’s house at almost 2000 meters altitude

I have put together some tips for you on how to make your Crete holiday more ecological, gentle, and natural without having to forego great beaches.

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