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Folk art Museum / Tsiknakis

Crete is a place blessed, famous for its long history, manifesting wonders throughout time. Driven by the inventiveness of the Cretans, we were inspired enough to create an exhibition site that would demonstrate the recent Cretan history. With joy and reverence, we gathered historical heirlooms and everyday life objects, hoping to spark memories to elders, as well as introduce the history and way of life of their ancestors to the younger generations.

Folk art Museum, Tsiknakis

We collected objects Cretans used in their everyday life, such as scales, looms and stone ovens, as well as tools that used to make their work easier, such as plows, threshing machines, and stone mills.

You can also see musical instruments that were played in celebrations, feasts, weddings, all kinds of joyful or sad events in the lives of Cretan people, and weapons used by natives to fight heroic battles against would-be conquerors. We have tried to revive jobs from the past, such as shoemaking or weaving.

Our museum is constantly enriched by new findings and is the ideal choice for clubs and school groups to visit, as well as for anyone who wants to take a trip back in time. An ample parking lot for private cars and coaches is available to the public during the opening hours of the café.

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