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Glamping – Lifestyle for Nature Lovers

Escape to the beauty of Crete in a luxurious glamping tent.

Experience the perfect blend of nature and comfort without the hassle of traditional camping. A fully equipped safari lodge in Pitsidia offers the perfect climate, air conditioning, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. Be the first to experience the magic of the first safari lodge in south Crete, where privacy, nature, and stargazing await. Embrace the comfort of glamping and immerse yourself in the stunning surroundings of Crete.
Glamping Pitsidia

The term “glamping” emerged in the early 2000s, combining glamour and camping. During this time, there was a growing trend of people seeking escapes to nature without having to compromise.

Glamping represents the fusion of stunning natural landscapes with modern pleasures.

This form of experiential travel promotes a true connection with nature, getting off the beaten track, avoiding superficial activities, and enjoying a fully immersive cultural experience. By venturing out of their comfort zone, experiential travelers experience a transformative shift in perspective that enhances their global outlook. This type of travel not only enriches one’s life but also leaves a lasting impression that extends far beyond the trip itself.

This trend has also spread to Crete and in addition to holiday homes, there are now also some tents in which you could spend your vacation.
One of them is in Pitsidia, the Luxury Safari Lodge Louloudia, which you can book directly from the landlord here.