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Since long time Crete has a name as a hiking island . However, it refers still to the touristy more frequented areas of the island, the north and west.

On the south is often criticized that it has an enormous potential for hiking indeed, but that there are not existing prepared trails or that the paths are insufficiently marked.

But is this "fabricated" necessary?
Or is it not precisely this naturalness which constitutes the charm?  "Hiking with the own senses!"

Because even or especially on a hike are the sensual elements: light - colour - air and tranquility in the foreground.
It is so reassuring to do just a few steps and to find yourself in the nature - off the beaten track.
It is so liberating for the head to be able to breathe and equipped with the own sense of orientation and detailed maps, to find itself the "path to the goal."

Find your way too! We help you with tips and map sections.

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