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Home office in Crete – Time for a change

With the start of the second shutdown, many will be working from home again, which will probably stay that way – couldn’t the home office simply be relocated to Crete?

A laptop, some documents, fast WLAN – most of you don’t need much more to be able to work. Can your home office be relocated to Crete without further ado? You are allowed if some rules are observed.

Your day starts with a swim in the Libyan sea, followed by a delicious, healthy breakfast gazing at the sparkling blue water. Then it’s down to work in the shady pergola, surrounded by olive trees, brightly colored bougainvillea, and scented jasmine. At 13.00 pm, you break a light lunch of salad, cheese, and fruit bought at the local street market. 

After a few more hours in the “office”, it is time to get ready for the evening ahead: local wine or a local beer on the terrace as the sun melts into the sea, and a stroll into the nearby village for a seafront dinner under the stars.

Is this a typical day working from home? Not for most people, but it could be yours…

The corona pandemic has given the home office an impetus and so many employees have the opportunity to relocate their jobs abroad for some time. Does that sound tempt to you?

There are now many articles on the Internet in which one can find out about the conditions and how mobile work from other EU countries is possible. But how is it in reality? Is home office at the beach just a dream or will it be a new trend?
To me, it looks like an opportunity to stay a few months in Crete and get to know the island, the Cretans, and the Crete culture better?
I see a big plus in the home office abroad, or here in Crete and by that I don’t (only) mean that you can enjoy the time on the beach, it allows you to go on longer tours without the pressure of having just 2 weeks of holidays. You may find out, that you want to visit many places several times or spend a few days in the mountains. Or enjoy helping to harvest olives or grapes?
You will also get to know the locals in a completely different way, especially if you spend the winter in Crete.

Last year I already had a few guests in the home office, in the holiday homes that I look after and everyone thought it was great! Everyone has told me that they are more focused, more relaxed, and more effective. So why not?

The holiday homes on Crete are almost all equipped with fast internet, which is, of course, the most important factor in being able to work in the home office, to attend video conferences and to be able to work as usual. Ask your employer, find out about the requirements, and then off to Crete!

In the summer you may have difficulties finding a holiday home, as many have already booked, but there is always something to be found, I’ll be happy to help you find it.
The easiest and cheapest way to stay for some months for home office the “off-season” from November to April. Winter in Crete has so much to offer, and you can swim too! If you want to find out more about winter in Crete, you will find a few suggestions here.

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