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Horseback riding on the beach

A unique experience for nature, beach and horse lovers! Horseback riding excursions on the beautiful coast of southern Crete.

Cantering on the back of a horse along the beach is unique, whether you have riding experience or not, Sabrina’s team will accompany and guide you. All lovers of horses and horseback riding who want to combine horse and sea during the summer holidays now have the opportunity.
Sabrina and her husband have taken over the horses from the Pitsidia stables and now offer horseback riding tours on the beautiful beach of Komos / Kalamaki.

Hosreback riding South Crete

Horseback riding offers a sense of freedom that everyone can enjoy. Neither age nor experience plays a role. There are ponies for younger children and horses for beginners or experienced riders. Horseback riding creates a sense of freedom rarely found in other sports and to combine that with an excursion through the countryside of southern Crete is simply a dream. So it’s time to give it a try.

Get ready to experience magical moments of relaxation and freedom!

Sabrina offer exits from Kalamaki via Komos Beach, starting early in the morning at 07.00 or, a little more relaxed, in the evening at sunset.
The tours last about an hour, but they also offer longer and more individual tours for experienced riders.


Tel: 0049 – 15210570552

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