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Why Beach Holidays are Healthy for you

Recent studies show that the beach is one of the best places to alleviate stress and heal your brain.

There is something soothing about the sound of waves, the smell of saltwater, and the feeling of warm sand beneath your toes. Having lived for years near the beach, I always classified my happiness on the beach as no more than nostalgia. Yet, recent studies prove that a beach-type environment can have a profound impact on our brains and mental health.

If you’ve spent months in front of a computer screen, attached to your phone and surrounded by hustle and bustle of city life, holiday in South Crete could be exactly what you need for a healthier and happier you!

The best part is, there are many health benefits of holidaying by the sea. Contrary to what some may think, beach holidays can be beneficial to your mental and physical well-being, with a variety of ways to enjoy your surroundings, from jogging in the sand to swimming in the sea.

Give a boost to your Vitamin D

The busy lives we lead at home can often change the chemical balances in our body, and particularly in colder countries, the lack of sun can have detrimental effects on our health. In fact, just 15 minutes spent in the sun can help alleviate depression and cause our bodies to manufacture vitamin D. Too much sun, however, can lead to sunburn, sunstroke, and even skin cancers – so don’t forget to wear sun protection and spend some time relaxing in the shade.

Breath in – breath out

Fresh saltwater also provides an extra incentive to head into the sea on a beach break. Known to rid the body of toxins, rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin, as well as containing a high level of minerals that have therapeutic effects on our bodies, you couldn’t ask for a more natural way to enhance your well-being.

The sea air, with its negative-ions, boosts our physical and mental capacity by increasing our ability to absorb oxygen. Breathing deep during a beach yoga class on the beach is the perfect excuse to ensure that our health is on top form.

Just relax and de-stress 

Whether reading a book with your toes in the sand or listening to the waves,  could be just what you need to disconnect from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

So, if you want a healthy boost to your wellness, it seems the answer is – head to a beach! 

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