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Imeros Taverna

The Imeros Tavern located in Lagolio Village on the foot of the unspoiled Psiloritis Mountains, about 150 meters altitude, the traditional taverna is a must of a restaurant with delicious Cretan traditional food, warm hospitality, wonderful service …


The famous Cretan diet, long-known for its health-giving properties, is followed by the owner & chef Popi , who uses locally bio products. Many of vegetables and fruits grow in the family gardens, which offers an amazing quality, apparently due to the rich nature here.

Herbs such as oregano, dittany and chamomile are picked from nearby slopes of Psiloritis Mountains, giving a special aroma to traditional dishes.

Authenticity cannot be judged, it can only be appreciated and supported, what do you think?

For us, the Imeros tavern is exactly what we have been looking for – a traditional tavern with amazing Cretan food where you feel the famous Cretan hospitality! A very good choice if one wants to avoid tourism during the summer months … and also a wonderful place for the winter month!

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