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Join the Olive Harvest

Take part in Crete’s olive harvest and enjoy a local cultural tradition that has remained largely unchanged for thousands of years, going back to ancient Greece. Join the local community, help pick the olives and make your own olive oil.

Our olive harvest vacations are only available for a few weeks from mid-November through to mid-January, during the harvesting season, so why not come and join us for a different kind of winter holiday?

Take a tour of the Cretan villages and marvel at endless olive groves no matter which part of the island you want to visit. The olive tree has existed for at least 4000 BC. BC in Crete. Cultured. The Mediterranean climate and good soil composition have not only allowed the olive tree to thrive all over the island but also contributed to the excellent quality of Cretan olive oil with low acidity and excellent properties.

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The long experience of the Cretans and the traditional knowledge of the generations in combination with good infrastructure and their deep commitment to the cultivation of olive trees have contributed to the fact that in the last years 95% of the olive oil produced on the island has been produced and a third of the domestic production classified in the category “Extra virgin olive oil”.

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