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Kamihis Farm – be a farmer for a day!

Velina & Michalis have created a special place where adults and children feel at home thanks to the open and friendly nature of the hosts.
If you want to learn more about the Cretan culture, agriculture, and traditional production methods, this is the place for you.

Together, herbs, vegetables, and fruits are picked in the garden. Then the sheep, goats, piglets, chickens, the little rabbit, and the donkey Louisa are fed and caressed.
At Kamihi Farm you are not a spectator, everyone will help you prepare a typical Cretan food, learn the ingredients, and how to handle them properly.

You are initiated into the traditional production of small cream pies, which starts with the milking of the goats.
After an exciting day on the farm, we enjoy the Cretan delights, homemade raki and wine, and of course, your handmade pies in the courtyard of the house. The simple life is often the most beautiful!

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