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Komos Beach

It is one of the most wonderful beaches of Crete and still a real insider tip for visitors to South Crete. The fine sandy beach offers endless space and a lot of peace and relaxation. Also, naturist lovers feel comfortable on the beach of Komos and relax under the Cretan sun.

Komos beach is so wide and long, that even in high season it not overcrowded, well in summer most of the visitor are hiding unter the tamarisk trees at the dunes anyway, which are framing this marvelous beach. Though Komos beach is famous for its crystal clear waters, it is often difficult to access the sea, because of the stone plates at the shore. On windy days you might consider, to enjoy the view more than the refreshing water. 

And please don’t miss the sunset at Komos Beach!! When the evening falls over the the Messara Bay you can enjoy a spectacular sunset with the view to the Paximadia Island.    

Komos is one of the beaches on Crete, in whose sand the giant sea turtle Caretta Caretta bury its eggs in the summer, from May to September. Since the hatching cubs are oriented to the light of the moon to find the sea, every artificial light source on the beach at night must be avoided. Therefore, tents, parties and the like are strictly forbidden at beach of Komos.

What is a beach without beach bar? 

A few years ago, Jannis might have had the same though and so the unique Karibu Bar, one of my favorite places on the island, was born. This very original oasis right on Komos beach, the owner and the loving decor, which was mostly made of beach goods, remind of long-past hippie times. This is the perfect place to spend many hours of your life 🙂

Last, but sure not least you will find the Bunga Bunga Bar at the very end of the Komos Beach. It is worth walking there, but you can approache this part of the beach also by car (from Pitsidia).
The food here is delicious and again it looks like an old hippie setup! Sitting with your feet in the sand and enjoying the outstanding salads, fish dishes or just a cold beer – very special way to spend a day.

Karibu, Komos Beach
Bunga Bunga Komos