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The small restaurant LIVAS in Pitsidia is run by a fantastic couple, he works in the service and his wife in the kitchen and conjures up super delicious food that is a varied variation on Greek – Moroccan cuisine!
The menu is clear and the dishes are prepared with love.

The ambiance in the restaurant is fantastic, everything is color-coordinated, so it gives a nice flair!

Livas, according to the Mediterranean tradition, is the warm and dry, southwest wind that blows from Libya to the shores of the European Mediterranean, carrying colors and smells of exotic spices and a relaxed, summer mood. With the breath of the wind, the Livas tavern in Pitsidia takes you on a special journey to the flavors and aromas of the south. Enjoy the cool tabbouleh, the crispy falafels, the spicy kebabs and many more platestast

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