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Magarikari is located in a very green environment and many of the residents lead a traditional existence. They live off agriculture or olive cultivation. There are also many sheep kept in this area. Just outside of Magarikari you find several small churches such as the old Panagia church north of the village and the Agia Ekaterini church in the south.

Magarikari is a village with just over 500 inhabitants. It lies at a 400 meters altitude at the foot of the Psiloriti mountains and the village overlooks the Messara plain and the sea. In the village itself there is a war memorial and there is a large church consisting of two aisles and the facade has a bell tower with 3 bells.

The village of Magarikari is best known for its nearby Turkish fortress. It is called the Grammeni fortress and it lies at the end of a dirt road between the villages of Magarikari and Grigoria and you can see it from the side of the road. The unpaved road starts at the impressive monuments in memory of the resistance hero Captain Georgios Petrakis. In honor of him a very large statue was erected here in 2009. In 1944 Georgios Petrakis was the first to enter the liberated Heraklion.