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Nida plateau & Ideon Cave

When exploring the mountainous region of Psiloritis, you should also visit the Ideon Cave (or Ideon Antron). It lies at an altitude of 1538 m on the western edge of the Nida plateau. It has no geological, but a
mythological value.

According to the myth Rhea saved her youngest son Zeus from Cronus and him brought to Ideon Andron, where the Kuretes warriors guarded him and drowned out the crying of little Zeus by dancing very fast, while their armor banging loudly. This dance is the ancestor of today’s Pentozalis, a traditional Cretan dance.

Excavations confirmed that the cave was the most important of Minoan Crete, King Minos is said to have risen to Ideon Andron every 9 years to pray to Zeus and receive new orders to get him.
70 meters from the entrance of the cave, the visitor can see the large carved rectangular altar used in the ancient ceremonies.

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