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Pitsidia – one of the oldest villages of the Mesara plain

Pitsidia is located a bit before Matala and experienced a first little boom in the 70s, just as hippies from all over the world moved to Matala. During this time, the first small pensions and guesthouses developed in the small farming village. 
Nevertheless, the small village is preserved to this day in its originality and known for its enormous hospitality. Narrow streets, typical stone houses and a small market square surrounded by kafenions and taverns complete the villagescape. 
Twice a week, bands with live music play on the popular marketplace and cast a spell over locals and tourists. An incomparable atmosphere that must have been experienced.

Until today Pitsidia has been untouched by mass tourism and is especially popular with independent travelers. From here, you can reach all the popular destinations of South Crete within a short time. Also the popular Kommos beach with it´s crystal clear water and long sandy beach. 

What to explore in Pitsidia 

Pitsidia is a popular holiday destination for couples, hikers, families and those seeking peace and quiet but still loves the charm of the hippie culture of the neighboring village of Matala and the proximity to beautiful Komos beach. You can even reach it from Pitsidia on foot within half an hour. Around Pitsidia are numerous hiking trails through the pristine and stunning nature of southern Crete. Do you like riding? Wonderful, because right in Pitsidia is the horse farm Melanouri, where numerous rides through olive groves, in the moonlight or Komos beach are offered.

It is only 5 minutes by car to Matala, 15 minutes to Mires to the famous weekly market, 20 minutes to Odigitrias Monastery, 10 minutes to Kouses and Sivas. The same time you need to reach the archeological sites of Phaistos, Agia Triada and Gortyn.

Shops, cafés and taverns in Pitsidia

In Pitsidia there are numerous tavernas and cafes, so there is something for every taste. Our insider tips are the restaurant Raftis, the Livas and the Café Onira. The Rafti´s is a charming garden restaurant. Equipped with colorful tables and chairs spread out over a summer garden, the Raftis serves extravagant dishes in a visually appealing way. Each dish has a subtle refinement, making the meal memorable.

Livas lives by its owners. Mimi and his wife Mago conjure up unforgettable evenings with love and charm. So is the food there. Many dishes have a slightly oriental flavor and taste fantastic. Who once was in Livas, will definitely be back.
You can have a really good breakfast in the Café Onira. The terrace offers a beautiful view and is embedded in a beautiful sea of flowers. Freshly squeezed orange juice, omelette in many variations, croissants and much more can be found on the rich menu.

Another insider tip is the local hairdresser Jesse. A small, inconspicuous shop, with incomparably low prices. The Frenchwoman Jesse is a very cheerful and friendly person who knows exactly what she is doing.