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Pitsidia – between green hills and the Libyan Sea

Pitsidia is one of the oldest villages in the Messara plain and with its typical narrow streets, stone houses, and a small market square surrounded by kafenion, exactly what you would expect from a Cretan village.

In addition to the beautiful village center, Pitsidia is particularly characterized by its fantastic location on the hill with a view of the beach of Komos and in clear air over the sea to the White Mountains. There are many fields around the village where lots of colorful flowers, herbs, and fruit trees bloom, which makes it wonderful in every season. Pitsidia is the ideal choice for your vacation in South Crete as it combines peace and relaxation with great mountain and sea views.
But not only that – there is, of course, village life, taverns, small shops and often live music on the Platia.


Authentic Village life 

I like Pitsidia, it’s a nice place to just do nothing and enjoy life in one of the shady places while next to nothing happens around you.
Since the village has a main or bypass road, there is hardly any traffic in the center and village life often takes place on the street. Although the village has only about 700 inhabitants, there is a small “supermarket” on every corner that also sells fresh fruit and vegetables from the region. The women sit in front of the shops while the men meet in the kafenion – wonderfully authentic!

Towards evening, when it is time for dinner, the calm landscape changes, and the holidaymakers of the many holiday apartments and apartments cavort on the previously empty streets looking for a place in one of the street taverns. Lively conversations fill the area, everyone knows someone in Pitsidia because many vacationers come here every year and have built friendships with other guests and locals.
Especially in the evenings with live music in the Platia, there is a special atmosphere that you shouldn’t miss.
It used to be a Greek dance every Tuesday, with holidaymakers mingling with the locals – why that was stopped is a mystery to me, but things are always changing.

Is it just a myth? It is said that there are a remarkable number of educators in Pitsidia who go on vacation or have bought a house themselves. What can I say, I’ve already met some teachers and professors there, the rumor seems to have something.



There is a very good selection of different tavernas and restaurants in Pitsidia, it is difficult to decide … but in the summer often so many tables are occupied that you can be happy if you can sit anywhere at all. In this way I have also tried taverns that I have never been to – as is so often the case, everything is good!

My favorites stayed the same, I’m just a fan of Livas, Raftis, and Green Kukunari! All three are not your typical Greek tavernas, but a little variety makes it interesting.
On the square and in the small street you will find taverns such as the meeting point (Marias), the Mikes tavern, and Bouganvilla, in which you can sit and watch the hustle and bustle on the street. Everything offers good local food, most of the dishes you can look at in the kitchen because they are pre-cooked. Try the delicious Pastizio …



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