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Place of Art – jewelry & ceramics

For 25 years, the store “Place of Art” located in the center of Matala has harmoniously blended the crafts of silver jewelry and ceramics. The finest Greek jewelry and ceramic artisans, along with talented young artists, welcome you to embark on a colorful journey filled with harmonious or contrasting shapes.

It’s a journey through the beauty of Greece…

Place of Art, Matala

When you explore Matala, you’ll be surrounded by vibrant colors and sounds, with many fantastic shops waiting to be discovered. While some may cater to tourists, others offer unique and beautiful items worth purchasing.

One noteworthy store we suggest is “Place of Art” located at the beginning of the village streets. This jewelry shop is likely the most photographed due to Kostas, the owner, parking his VW Beetle in front of it. The shop and its display cases showcase a variety of wonderful items, making it worthwhile to step inside and take a closer look!

“In the “Place of Art,” you will discover a diverse collection of handmade jewelry crafted by Greek artists, ranging from exquisite pieces to striking designs. This is the perfect place to find unique gifts or souvenirs while supporting talented young Greek artists through your purchases.

Alongside the jewelry, you’ll also encounter a variety of ceramic artworks, with a personal favorite being the fish sculptures. These charming pieces make wonderful decorations for your home or garden and serve as thoughtful gifts for neighbors who cared for your pets and plants while you were away on vacation.”