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Rentals & Shops

  • Botano - herbs and teas

    If you are looking for Cretan mountain herbs, teas and herbs have a look at Botano in Kouses
  • Matala Bicyles

    Thinking of cycling on Crete, especially here in the south, occur to me first one of these things: the light - so bright, so much sun - the colors - strong, clear, blue - the air - so clean, it goes d
  • Oleander car rental

    Welcome to our family rental car and motorbike business based in Kalamaki, near Phaistos in the south of Heraklion prefecture. We invite you to explore Crete, the island of Minos.
  • Guided tours - OurDoor Travel

    Since long time Crete has a name as a hiking island. Take part in one of our accompanied excursions! 
  • Auto Galini

    Offers you as standard full insurance, quality comfort, security serviced and regular maintenance and quick uncomplicated help, because we have a station network all over the island.