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Sivas – facts and figures

If you are looking for mass tourism, you definitely won´t find in Sivas. This picturesque, traditional village is located in southern Crete, not far from popular destinations. These include the wide and untouched Kommos beach, the archaeological site of Phaistos/Festos, the hippie village of Matala and the beautifully situated monastery of Odigitrias. But also the famous weekly market of Mires is only 10 minutes by car. In Sivas you will find beautiful, traditional stone-houses, framed in colorful flowers that will take you to the real Crete. The reputation alone and a small village walk offer a great recreational value. The Cretan marketplace, which you will find in almost every village, offers a nice selection of different, very popular taverns.

 Sivas – Traditional charm

Of course, the village church is not missing, to which you have a nice view while eating and drinking. The market square is a starting point for weekly markets, as well as regular, country-typical village festivals, where young and old meet. Sivas counts about 500 inhabitants, which emphasizes the rural charm. It has also got a great tradition in the cultivation of high quality bio-products and especially olive oil.

Sivas – Source, god or diamond?

Historians are still puzzling about this and there has been much speculation. In the 17th century Crete was conquered by the Turks and Sivas was called Cevahir, which means diamond.

Over the centuries, the name Siva prevailed. Where this came from, you do not know to 100%. Some assume that the name is inspired due to the Indian god Shiva. But more likely is the Arabic origin of the name. There Siva means “source”. The name Siva prevailed and has recently been changed from the feminine form Siva to the male form Sivas.

Restaurants, bars, taverns and shops in Sivas

In the market square of Sivas you will find a nice selection of local taverns. Of course, the Cretan typical kafenion is not missing. You can find it in almost every village. There meet in the morning already Greek men (mostly the elders) to drink together a cafe and sometimes raki and to chat about the village happenings.There are also smaller shops with beautiful pottery or accessories.

Nearby is Crete's most famous herb shop Botano. If you love herbs for cooking and tea, you must visit the store. You will feel relegated to earlier times. The shop is located in a typical Cretan house with charm and a fantastic view over the Mesara plain. All herbs and teas are offered in large pharmacist jars and you can choose the desired amount. On the ceilings hang chili peppers in the wooden shelves hide all sorts of treasures. Botano grows most of the herbs themselves, biodynamically. The available olive oils, creams are free of chemicals and organic.

Sivas and surroundings – worth seeing