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Spring is in the air…

This is why a holiday on Crete in spring is so special and why a trip is definitely worth it! Find out what the spring season has to offer you.

We know, summertime is the most typical time to enjoy your holiday in Crete. And yes, Crete is worth a visit all year around, offering stunning beauty and diverse landscapes at all times of the year.

But have you ever been to the island during springtime? It might even be one of the best seasons to spend your vacation here. Prices are lower than during summer season, the temperatures are pleasantly mild, tourist season has not yet begun, and nature showcases its most stunning landscapes, with thousands of colourful flowers, lush trees and fragrant herbs everywhere. It is the perfect time for everyone, but especially for nature lovers.

Until the mid of May, nature literally explodes and blossoms. From the seaside up to the mountains, Crete is presenting to you a unique, colourful sea of flowers. They comprise various sorts of orchids, wild tulips, narcissi, peonies and poppyseeds. The most noticeable plant here is the giant fennel (ferula communis). With its thick stalks it grows up to 3 meters and its small yellow flowers shine all around.

Springtime is also the time of the wild orchids. There are more than 70 sorts of orchids in Crete, of which 14 are endemic. There are regions, in which complete slopes are full of these beautiful flowers, but when you look closely, you will also discover them on your walks and hikes in the Messara plain and the hinterland. However, nature’s abundance during this time is not only for the eyes, but also for your tastebuds and your health: the opulence of wild greens and fresh herbs during springtime is perfect for healthy, tasty dishes full of flavour and micronutrients. Herbs like fennel, chicory, or dandelion give the meals a fresh taste of spring.

Another great thing to do when in Crete during springtime is birdwatching. This may seem like special interest, but even if you don’t know the names of the birds, it is super interesting and can even be meditative. To fully enjoy this, it is advisable to travel to some of Crete’s lesser populated areas. Great spots include Frangokastello, Mount Koutroulis and Lefka Ori, as well as the Potami Dam Lake and Gouves Lagoon.

The weather during springtime in Crete is mostly sunny with mild temperatures, offering the perfect conditions for walks and hikes. Visit the beaches, gorges, olive groves, vineyards and mountains and get spoiled by the stunning views of nature. It is also the perfect time to visit the villages and towns, as well as the historical sites. All of them are not crowded yet, and you still have many beaches almost for yourself.  Alternatively, you could go to the the most famous and beautiful towns of Crete: Chania, Rethymnon and Agios Nikolaos are gorgeous, but if you want to stay closer to South Crete, explore the old city center of Heraklion or walk to the Koules fortress which henpecks the Venetian harbor.

And if all this walking just isn’t yours, why not try horseback riding in the countryside or at the beach? There are usually offers both for beginners and for advanced riders. Plus: As there are almost no tourists sunbathing, you can enjoy the beautiful coastline almost completely undisturbed.

Are you as excited as we are?  Come to Crete and discover the island’s unique, stunning nature at its best. Be enchanted by the colours and the beauty of springtime here! Join the Easter festivities, or simply do all the activities that you love to do here, just with fewer other visitors and milder, pleasant temperatures. See you soon!

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