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Villages - Messara

The villages of fertile Messara plain harmoniously integrate into the landscape of olive & fruit tree groves.
They combine in a perfect way the tradition Cretan way of life, the genuine hospitality and the warm heart of its inhabitants with holidays on the beach and trips to lots of nearby attractions.

Cradle of Minoan civilisation lays in the Messara Plain - is replete with archaeological treasures and magnificent landscapes. The north, on the foothills of the Psiloritis and legendary Mt Ida, is great for excursions to taste Crete at its most authentic. To the south, the Minoan towns of Phaestos and Agia Triada are enchanting. And if you are also fond of swimming, the lovely sandy beaches of Kokkinos Pirgos, Kalamaki, Komos, Matala and Red Beach are close by

Here is a collection of some of the villages of the Messara Plain, more will follow in time ...

  • Agios Ioannis

    Agios Ioannis, on the sunny south coast of Crete, lends itself for excursions to both the east and the west side of the island.<br /> Buses run between the surrounding towns, villages and touri
  • Kalamaki

    Kalamaki is a small holiday village with a beautiful beach promenade in the south of Crete. It is located on the seafront and just a stroll away from the famous Kommos beach.
  • Kamilari

    Kamilari – Greek hospitality, traditional stone houses and colorful flowers paired with art, culture and culinary highlights.
  • Kokkinos Pirgos

    The village Kokkinos Pirgos is the perfect place to stay, if you plan to explore the area of the Messara plain, the Asterousia Mountains, the Ida Mountains with the Psiloritis and the Southern part of
  • Kouses

    Kosues is a small Cretan mountain village, in the middle of the fertile Mesara plain on the edge of the Asterousia mountains.
  • Lagolio

    At the foot of Mount Psiloritis and only 7 kms away from the beach, Lagolio is the perfect location to combine relaxed beach holidays with hiking and mountain walking tours.
  • Magarikari

    The village of Magarikari is best known for its nearby Turkish fortress.
  • Matala

    Famous for it´s Hippie Lifestyle, that is still remaining, the beach and of course the caves
  • Pitsidia

    Pitsidia is the oldest village of the area Phaistos, it is a quiet village, with a long tradition of hospitality.
  • Pombia

    Pombia, a small unspoilt village at the foot of the Asterousia mountains. Birthplace of the famous freedom fighter Michalis Korakas and starting point for great trips to Tripiti Gorge or Mount Kofina.
  • Sivas

    Sivas a beautiful, small, traditional, Mediterranean village, which has been characterized as preservable by the Ministry of Culture.
  • Vori

    Where can you find a piece of pristine Crete, true village life and pure Greek hospitality?
  • Zaros

    The pretty mountain village Zaros, located the southern flank of Psiloritis (Mt Idi), is famous for its spring water and the gorge of Rouvas.