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Where can you have a good breakfast?

Until a few years ago, it was not so easy to find a cafe in the central south of Crete that served delicious breakfast. The Cretans don’t actually eat breakfast, at least not as most holidaymakers are used to.

The classic Cretan breakfast, I was told, consists of the leftovers from dinner and a small glass of light wine. But that wasn’t early in the morning either, more like after 10.00. Nowadays the Greeks all drink coffee in the morning, but there are no sandwiches, muesli, or omelets, as in northern countries.

Some of the holiday guests have booked their breakfast directly in the hotel or in the guesthouse, but in an apartment or holiday home you have to take care of it yourself, which you don’t always feel like doing. So, where do you find a place which serves a good breakfast?

The best known for a good breakfast menu is certainly the Onira in Pitsidia, once what it has been offering this service for a long time and to others if you can get really tasty things there. In addition to omelets, bread with cheese, sausages, ham, there is also Johgurt with fruit salad and a good filter or milk coffee, on request with soy milk and all on a beautiful terrace that offers plenty of shade.

The Green Kukunari is also in Pitsidia and has been offering vegan breakfast for a few years. The bread that Ziza bakes herself is simply a dream! But so are the delicious dips and small salads which are accompanied by a good coffee or tea.

breakfast kamilari

Since this year (2021), the Loggia in Kamilari is offering delicious treats in the morning that I had to try for myself today. The new terrace and the whole tavern (the loggia has moved and is now a little closer to the Platia) are very inviting and offer places in the shade.

Alexandra designed the breakfast menu together with her daughter and there is more choice than I would have expected. But when I think of the many dishes they offer in the evening, that was probably my mistake – in the Loggia you are always spoiled for choice!

You can choose between 2 Cretan variants with eggs/scrambled eggs, the classic breakfast with bread cheese, ham, sausage, a vegetarian, and a vegan. There is also coffee, orange juice, home-baked bread, spreads, homemade jam, and a lot more.
We had a bit of everything and it tasted great.

Conclusion: Finally you can have a good and delicious breakfast in Kamilari – thank you, Alexandra!

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