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dense vegetation, water, picturesque nature

Zaros, a mountain village with traditions

The area of ​​Zaros lies in a unique environment of dense vegetation, water, picturesque nature trails on the mountains, gorges, river banks and springs.
But Zaros is known not only for the lake and the spring water, here tradition is still alive. Folk arts flourish at Zaros in small traditional wood-sculpture, weaving and instrument making workshops operated by local artists.

With a visit of local workshops visitors can watch the manufacturing process of a traditional musical instrument, religious icon or an original Cretan weaving. They can also buy or order unique hand-made works of art made of wood or fiber, such as icons, musical instruments and weaving products.

Interested in alternative tourist activities? Visit Vivi’s cooking class in the tavern Veggera, where you learn Cretan traditional recipes, with ingredients that you can easily find at home.
Or go to Mitso, where Maria weaves fabrics in old traditions and also teaches! So you can put together your own color creation and work out a unique piece in a few working hours. A very special souvenir!

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