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Agios Pavlos Beach

Agios Pavlos Beach is a hidden gem on the coast and is known for its unique features. Located in a small bay surrounded by rocky cliffs, the beach offers pristine green waters and a rocky seabed. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil surroundings with a few sunbeds and umbrellas available, adding to the peaceful and natural ambiance.

Located on the south coast of Crete, Agios Pavlos Bay offers a quiet and secluded retreat, perfect for a day trip or a longer stay. The crystal clear waters with hints of green and the sparkling golden brown sand create a magical atmosphere in the sunlight. The landscape is adorned with small and large rocks, with a notable rock formation known as the “Sleeping Dragon” which evokes images of a resting mythical creature.
The shallow and calm sea provides an ideal environment for a leisurely swim, suitable even for small children. There are small hotels and apartment buildings just above the beach, but a few holiday villas have also been built in the area in recent years.

Our tip: Don’t miss to visit the Sleepy Dragon Snack Bar Cafe

A walk west reveals another enchanting beach with towering sand dunes. Considered one of the most beautiful in the region, this beach offers a sandy shoreline with mesmerizing shades of blue in the water. Large rocks jut out of the sea, some forming natural arches. The sea is generally calm in this area and certain spots offer natural shade from rocks, eliminating the need for umbrellas. Adventurous types can wear sneakers to walk around the rocks on the east side. Breathtaking views of the Libyan Sea await to be explored.
In addition, the beach is known for its geological wonders known as the Apoplystra Folds. These were formed over millions of years and add a fascinating allure to the area.

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