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Agia Fotini – Fish taverna and more

Located in a tiny secluded cove and literally on the water, you can enjoy superb meals of freshly caught fish cooked to perfection, accompanied by a carafe of local wine.

More and more vacationers are drawn to the south coast of Crete to discover remote places where time seems to standstill. Agia Fotini is one such place, the family-run tavern of Stavros and Vicki Perakis, is at the end of a long, winding road through the stunning mountainous countryside or along the coast.

It’s a little piece of Crete like from the past – but with electricity and hot water. In the 1950s, Stavros’ parents established a kafenío here, serving fresh fish, some salad, drinks, and watermelons (which floated in the sea to keep them cool), which slowly grew into a tavern.

On the hill near the tavern of Agia Fotini one can still see the ruins of the ancient city of Kionia, which flourished in the pre-Minoan years. Today, the ruins of the city cover an area of more than 150 meters (east to west) and 100 meters (north to south), while the other half of the city lies below the sea surface in front of the tavern.

It is believed that when the city began to submerge, the inhabitants were forced to leave the city and move to higher ground where the villages of Kerames and Agallianos are today.

Agia Fotini – Authentic, Magical, Isolated, and Affordable.

If you take a day trip west from Agia Galini along the coast road, it’s the perfect place to stop for a meal and a swim. You can find out more about this great excursion here: Agia Galini-Preveli Coastal Tour

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Stavros & Vicky Perakis
Tel : (0030) 6937118958
Tel : (0030) 6937124600

Summer (April to October)

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