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Mia Olia – Cocktails & Brunch

Nightlife in Kamilari – “Mia Olia”
Chilled out cocktail bar with a friendly vibe, great people-watching, and superb drinks.

Until last year, evening visitors only came to Kamilari for the very good taverns, but now Kamilari has also established a nightlife with the cocktail bar Mia Olia and the blues bar. The fresh breeze does the atmosphere in Kamilari very well, the bars fit perfectly into the streetscape and enrich it. With good cocktails, a relaxed atmosphere and live music nights, these bars attract a good mix of people.

Mia Olia, Kamilari

The center of Kamilari has hardly changed in recent years, only the popular “Loggia” has moved a little closer to the church square and given way to a fresh concept. 3 young Greeks from the area took over the shop, renovated it and opened Mia Olia.

No, not another tavern! Mia Olia is a mixture of coffee, cocktail, lounge and even offers breakfast in the morning.

It is nice to stroll through the small streets of Kamilari in the evening, where next to restored houses there are still some stone ruins that give that special touch that only old villages have. In between are a few taverns, all individually decorated and enticing with the smell of delicious food.

Mia Olia, Kamilari

If you were wondering where to go for an aperitif before dinner or a drink after visiting one of the surrounding taverns, you’ve come to the right place at MIA OLIA! The small cocktail bar in the center of Kamilari is one of my favorites and attracts more and more locals and holidaymakers. The mix of guests is definitely one reason why I like it so much here, another reason is the good cocktails. Of course, Michalis will mix all the classics for you, but I especially like the own creations, like the “Mia Olia” with mastic, vanilla & gin.

Mia Olia, Kamilari


At the high tables in front of the bar, you’ll quickly get into conversation with people and maybe even make friends for life – but definitely for an interesting evening.
Opposite is the beautiful terrace where you can sit with your friends in dimmed light and enjoy the evening with tasteful background music. Since “Mia Olia” is at the crossroads (left Tavena Akropolis, right middle Kafenion and Loggia, above Blues Bar) people are always walking by, which underlines the atmosphere.
The bar opens at 6 p.m. 

Mia Olia, Kamilari


From 8.30 to 12.00 in the morning you can get breakfast on the terrace. The term brunch is a bit misleading, but different egg variations and fantastic pancakes are prepared, freshly squeezed orange juice and of course coffee/tea etc.

Mia Olia Breakfast, Kamilari

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