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SIVAS is a small picturesque village and its few inhabitants are engaged in agriculture. Life revolves around the square with cafes and taverns where you can enjoy the company of locals and are always welcome.

Here you can enjoy Greek food in the evening in the village square and listen to the mandolin players live. Practical for the parents is the square in front of the church and the small playground behind the taverns.

Sivas also attracts a lot of visitors as it is on the way back or on the way back from an excursion to the Odigitria Monastery and the bays of AgiofaragoMarzalos, and Vathi. Hence, from the late afternoon onwards, the tavernas are full of day-trippers, vacationers, and locals sharing tips about the region.

But there is at least one other good reason to visit Sivas. If you come to Sivas, be sure to visit the Kostas Kafenion, which is hidden behind a tree just before the market square. It is one of the most extraordinary kafenions in Crete and with it, Kostas brews one of the best coffees in the region.

Kostas Kafenion, Sivas

When you enter Kosta’s kafenion, you have the feeling of being introduced to a holy place and the deeper secrets of faith.
This Kafenion is a real museum, the walls are completely religious pictures, wood prints that look like real copies of religious pictures, and works of Domenikos Theotokopoulos and Fayum paintings decorate walls.
Kostas also has loads of books and special little travel guides about Crete that he likes to give his guests to read.

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