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Travel Guide

The south of Crete is perfect for all individual tourists, adventurers and sun worshipers.

Southern Crete is famous for its wild natural beauty, exquisite cuisine and thousands of years of culture and history. There is so much to explore here in the central south that you never really need to drive more than 1-2 hours to visit both the remote beaches and small mountain villages.
Take a ride on impressive coastal roads, past secluded bays with a view of the turquoise sea, follow the winding country roads through the barren and lonely mountains along impressive gorges. Enjoy nature, culture, and delicious food – and adapt to the slow pace of the Cretans.

Crete Travel News

Greece will Welcome Travelers with Negative Covid-19 Test or Vaccination Certificate

There are currently a number of measures in place in Greece to limit the spread of Covid-19, including moving citizens and visitors, and opening


In addition to the incredibly beautiful landscape, it is the people who make Crete so special. That is why we are introducing you to some of their projects here.

It is not only Cretans, but also some foreigners who contribute to the diversity of the region, so here you will find articles about art, culture, animal and environmental protection, as well as alternative tourism.

Why to spend your holidays in South Crete?


Sea & Mountains

Explore the high mountains during the day, swim in the warm sea in the afternoon, and enjoy the sunset in the beach tavern - that is South Crete


Holiday experiences

Whether hiking, cycling, boat trips, diving, yoga, picnicking on the beach or cooking classes - there is a wide range of options for an unforgettable holiday


Visit incredible places

Archaeological sites, hidden monasteries, old mountain villages, or secluded bays are just a few of the places you can visit during your stay in southern Crete.